Laker began as a series of conversations between two friends, David Caon and Henry Wilson. With different approaches to the business of design, Caon and Wilson found common ground in the objects they are drawn to and the design philosophies they share.

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At Laker we are always interested in connecting with individuals who are passionate about design, inquisitive by nature and dedicated to developing best practices.Please submit CVs to

Laker will soon be looking for someone to head up our sales division. We are looking for someone with ability to self-start and form processes which will govern how our products are sold.

  • Previous experience in sales, with the ability to answer specific and sometime technical questions relating to products
  • The ability to communicate with warmth, energy and sincerity
  • The ability to generate new business in both B2B and B2C
  • The capacity to learn about and sell products requiring specialist knowledge
  • A genuine interest in initiating conversations and building relationships with customers
  • The ability to contribute to the evolultion of the sales process and advise on sales colateral and product marketing
  • Full time role

We are always curious to connect with people passionate about product and systems, with come experience to help us bring our projects to life and to our customers.

  • Previous experience in production, with the ability to communicate with suppliers on a technical level
  • Previous experience with ERP systems and the ability to implement and operate ERP software
  • The capacity to operate within a team whilst also taking responsibility for the execution of specific roles across multiple brands
  • The ability to communicate with warmth, energy and sincerity
  • The capacity to develop systems in-house for specific products
  • The ability to contribute to evolution of the production process generally and advise on best practices
  • Full time role

Please submit CVs to