Laker began as a series of conversations between two friends, David Caon and Henry Wilson. With different approaches to the business of design, Caon and Wilson found common ground in the objects they are drawn to and the design philosophies they share. Over time, those conversations took the shape of tangible products that continue to evolve through necessity, following what could be described as a common-sense brief.

Ultimately, Laker is a reflection of the discoveries of its founders and the spectrum of experience informing their work—Caon, an industrial designer with a background in large-scale commercial projects, and Wilson, a furniture and industrial designer exploring the juncture between the rational and emotional.

Laker combines intelligent, sustainable design with a respect for the impermanence of contemporary living. The thinking here is that good design should incorporate the changing needs and environments of its user, and that products should be made to last, rather than to be replaced.

The underlying logic is to solve the problems that matter to Caon and Wilson. This philosophy brings sincerity to the creative process while also maximising the opportunity for experimentation and improvisation. A product is never complete without a stint in a working studio or working home, a litmus test for validity conducted by the designers and their friends.

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